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Universal Blue images are based on the rpm-ostree native container images hosted at These are based on the build scripts in this testing repository. In the future, Fedora will likely provide the base container images in a more official fashion.

Main Images

Hardware Enablement Images

Images with hardware specific features, built after the main images:

Opinionated Images

These tend to have more opinions and are more "end prodcuct" base than base images:

Architecture diagram

Diagram of the Universal Blue layered image architecture explaining same things as the above text in a visual manner.

Term explanation

  • OCI: Open Container Initiative, an open governance structure and set of standards for Linux containers.
  • native container image: a standard OCI image with ostree native container support.
  • OCI FROM-layer relationship: a reference to Containerfiles where the keyword FROM is used to select the base layer image that the new image is going to be built on top of.
  • OCI COPY --from-layer relationship: a reference to Containerfiles where the keyword COPY --from is used to copy files from the file system of another OCI image.