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Architecture DiagramΒΆ

Universal Blue images are based on the rpm-ostree native container images hosted at These are based on the build scripts in this testing repository. In the future, Fedora will likely provide the base container images in a more official fashion.

There are three major components to Universal Blue's images:

  • ublue-os/config are a collection of udev rules and system services used by all Universal Blue images
  • ublue-os/main are the main images built from Fedora images
  • ublue-os/nvidia are the same as the main images but include slip-streamed Nvidia drivers

Graph of the uBlue structure. Upstream Fedora images on the top, and only the opinionated main inherits from it. Users are on the bottom, and users get the Universal Blue main image, a hypothetical image intended for Amd gpus and another existing one for Nvidia gpus. A starting point image inherits from the main, Amd and Nvidia images, and it is intended for further customization by tinkerers into community-built images.