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One Million Image Pulls - Happy Birthday to Us!


Today we crossed one million image pulls. Though Kinoite continues to dominate the leaderboard, our steady march forward continues.

If you've been kicking the tyres on this next generation of linux desktop, we thank you! This means that we've had a million upgrades, which isn't a bad start!

Project Status

  • Generally speaking things are pretty stable, the next major work item will be enabling F39 builds, which we'll do whenever RPMFusion starts to make builds.
  • Work continues on the ARM builders, we'd like to thank Equinix Metal's Open Source Program for their continued support.
  • Our images are now signed, we recommend moving to signed images as soon as you can!
  • No major obstacles to report, while we still consider these images beta they are proving to be quite robust!
  • You might want to check the current open issues to see how people are getting on.

And a quick call for help -- we're still in dire need of a more reliable ISO installation experience. If you are familiar with Anaconda we could use a hand, especially if you want to help bring the fancy new installer to our custom images.

It's also our birthday!

Though this project may seem new, the first commit on this journey is a little bit over two years old! At the time "ublue" was just an imperative script.

Later that year, in November 2021, the first edition of what became the OSTree Native Containers spec was committed to the Fedora wiki. This flipped the project on it's head and the rest is history! Continuously delivered OCI goodness is here!

We've picked July 21st as our birthday since it's coming up (and we also forgot). So today we're celebrating two years of cloud-native goodness, thanks for hanging out with us!