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Two Million Image Pulls!


Today we crossed two million image pulls. Specifically we have 2,005,118! We crossed one million on July 19th.

Some minor updates for this new million. Kinoite continues to be the most popular image. However, silverblue-nvidia has snuck in and claimed second place from kinoite-main, rounding out our top three. base-nvidia comes in fourth, which is basically an "empty" image with Fedora and no desktop -- so that means plenty of you are using that as a base image and building something with it, great job!

Though pulls aren't an indicator of users, this means that we've had a two million daily upgrades, which isn't a bad start!

Fedora Podcast!

We'll be on the Fedora Podcast next week with Timothée Ravier from the CoreOS team. Without his work this project wouldn't be possible so we're looking forward to talking about what's coming down the pipe!

Don't forget F39 is here!

Also a quick reminder that we are publishing images for F39. They don't get published to the image list but they do exist for most of the images. Take a peek in the packages section for the image you care about and give it a shot! We're feeling pretty good about F39 being a smooth transition for users.

And we hope you'll be around to help us hit 3 million!