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Bluefin is on its way to Beta

After nearly two(!) years of prototyping and testing, Bluefin is on its way to Beta! We're hoping to do the final release of the beta on November 1st, so we'd like to spend a some time testing the ISO.

Bluefin is an interpretation of the Ubuntu spirit built with Fedora technology. It's a familiar(ish) Ubuntu desktop for Fedora Silverblue. It strives to cover these three use cases:

  • For users it provides a system as reliable as a Chromebook with near-zero maintenance, with the power of Ubuntu and Fedora fused together.
  • For developers we endeavour to provide the best cloud-native developer experience by enabling easy consumption of the industry's leading tools. These are included in dedicated bluefin-dx and bluefin-dx-nvidia images.
  • For gamers we strive to deliver a world-class gaming experience via Flathub or bazzite-arch

A good internet connection is required.



  • Follow the installation instructions for current known issues:
  • Dual boot configurations are not supported
  • Manual partitioning is not suppported.
  • Installation progress will appear to have stalled but is progressing in the background
  • Applications like Firefox and other core apps will be installed on login, this might take a while depending on your internet connection speed. The system will notify you when it is completed:



Special thanks to akdev1l, bobslept, and gerblesh for their hard work over the past few weeks to make this happen.