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Just is a command runner. In Bluefin it has default targets to make it easier to run common commands and perform system maintenance. You can read more about just in the upstream documentation.

To list all available targets run just -l. If you are in a directory with an existing .justfile or a .justfile exists in your file system tree that file will be used instead of ~/.justfile.

Just config

The default just config is stored in your home directory under ~/.justfile.

cat ~/.justfile
You can add custom targets in this file. To keep the system provided targets you need to include the line
!include /usr/share/ublue-os/justfile

Update your system

To update your system including OS, flatpak, and distrobox containers run:

just update
This runs the following commands which you can see in /usr/share/ublue-os/just/10-update.just
rpm-ostree update
flatpak update -y
distrobox upgrade -a

Install homebrew

To install homebrew run:

just brew