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OStree is how the root filesystem in ublue is managed. It can have multiple deployments including 1 active deployment and 1 or more standby or rollback deployments. You can read more about ostree in the upstream documentation.

Managing ostree

Update ostree

Pull updated version based on your current upstream repository.

sudo rpm-ostree upgrade

Roll back deployment

This will change your next target boot to the previous deployment. Use this if you have issues with your current booted deployment.

sudo rpm-ostree rollback

Add rpm package

Install a new package layered on top of the file system tree. Add --now to layer on top of the active tree.

sudo rpm-ostree install $PACKAGE

Get ostree status

See the current booted file system tree and any layered packages.

sudo rpm-ostree status

Pin a file system tree

To pin your current file system use 0 and for the previous booted file system use 1. This will keep a deployment available so it is not garbage collected.

Useful for major version changes and kernel changes.

sudo ostree admin pin 0