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Waydroid Setup Guide


We are migrating documentation to Discourse. The Waydroid Guide is updated over there and this page will soon be removed.


Nvidia images are not supported.


Open a host terminal and enter this command to setup Waydroid:

ujust init-waydroid
Then enter:

This will launch Waydroid for the first time.

Google Play Certification, Gapps, ARM translation, and Other Goodies

Open a host terminal and enter ujust configure-waydroid.

Known Issues & Reset Waydroid

Blank Screen / Not Launching

If Waydroid does not run after following this guide then you have to set SELinux in permissive mode since there has been reports of it causing issues.

Open a host terminal and enter:

sudoedit /etc/selinux/config

Then, change the line that says:




Save the text file and exit.

Hybrid Graphics Fix

If your PC is running multiple GPUs and you experience either graphical corruption or Waydroid does not launch, then execute /usr/bin/waydroid-choose-gpu and select your dedicated GPU.

Reset Waydroid


This will delete all of your current Waydroid data!

Enter ujust reset-waydroid if you run into any major issues.