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Framework Computers (Intel only)

Universal Blue images are available for the Framework 13 laptop. It comes preconfigured with tlp and the recommended power settings from the Framework Knowledge Base.

Important information for AMD-based sytems

Framework recommends NOT using tlp on the new AMD-based Framework 13. These images use tlp, so it is currently recommended to use the non-framework images if you own an AMD Framework 13. Check the community thread for the latest information.

Follow the installation instructions to select a Framework image. These images end with -framework in their name.

Note that the default image work fine on the Framework 13, these images provide tweaks and further improvements and are optional for people who prefer to use tlp. These images will also work fine on non-Framework laptops.


Like all Universal Blue images, hardware acceleration and codecs are included out of the box and the system strives for a zero-maintenance based approach.

  • Replaces power-profiles-daemon with tlp
  • Ships the recommended power profile for tlp
  • Sets the text scaling factor in GNOME to 1.25
  • Some images (like Bluefin) come with fractional scaling already enabled by default. You may want to adjust those settings, however this will case Electron apps to become blurry. Setting the text font larger seems to be the "least-worst" solution available.
  • Add's the following kernel arguments: "module_blacklist=hid_sensor_hub" "nvme.noacpi=1" "tpm_tis.interrupts=0"
  • Note that kernel arguments are applied with the command just framework-13 and a subsequent reboot. See the instructions below.

Additional Diagnostic Tools

  • just benchmark - will run stress-ng for 1 minute
  • powertop - allows you to monitor power consumption in real time

How to Help

Open Source succeeds best when contributors come together to solve a problem. These are areas where contributions would be appreciated:

  • Additional tlp configurations. The image is designed to allow shipping multiple power profiles; we just need to collect and curate a set that would be the most useful for people.
  • Benchmarking tools. It would be nice to be able to run a continuous benchmark that exercises the laptop and can run unattended so that we can automate power testing.

We want to allow Linux users to share this knowledge and expertise with each other to fulfill the true potential of Framework laptops. We'll use science and the wonders of modern automation to accomplish this!


Fresh installs

Run this command to set the right kernel arguments for the brightness keys to work:

just framework-13

and then reboot one more time! We strive to make that the last piece of operating system maintenance you'll have to do for the life of the machine.

Rebasing from another image

If you're rebasing from another image follow these instructions!

  1. Rebase to the -framework image:


    sudo rpm-ostree rebase ostree-image-signed:docker://

    Bluefin Developer Experience:

    sudo rpm-ostree rebase ostree-image-signed:docker://
  2. Reboot!

  3. Then run this command to set the right kernel arguments for the brightness keys to work:

    just framework-13
  4. Then reboot one more time and you're done!

Support for various other Framework laptops

The initial release supports the 13th generation Intel Framework 13. It is entirely possible for machine-specific tweaks to be added as part of the image. Contributions are welcome if you want to enable a specific model.

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