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The Universal Blue project builds a diverse set of continuously delivered operating system images using Fedora Atomic Desktop's support for OCI/Docker containers. That's nerdspeak for the ultimate Linux client: the reliability of a Chromebook, but with the flexibility and power of a traditional Linux desktop.

These images represent what's possible when a community focuses on sharing best practices via automation and collaboration. One common language between dev and ops, and it's finally come to the desktop.

We also provide tools for users to build their own image using our templates and processes, which can be used to ship custom configurations to all of your machines, or finally make the Linux distribution you've long wished for, but never had the tools to create.

At long last, we've ascended.

Our Images

Aurora is a clean and reliable desktop operating system for every type of user. Many batteries included.

Simply delightful.

Aurora features a lightly customized KDE Plasma 6 desktop experience that can be customized indefinitely. Super smooth and delightful.

Zero Maintenance

Install the system once and forget about maintenance. Updates are automatic. Upgrade your system in one-click, including all your apps.
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Aurora Desktop

Steam Game Mode
The next generation of Linux Gaming for all of your devices - including your favorite handheld.

Play Your Favorites

Bazzite comes ready to rock with Steam and Lutris pre-installed, Steam Game Mode, HDR support for AMD GPUs, and numerous community-developed tools for your gaming needs.

Expanded Hardware Support

Support for handhelds PCs, Nvidia drivers and the latest Mesa for AMD & Intel pre-installed, and numerous tweaks applied as needed to ensure your games just work.
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The next generation Linux workstation, designed for reliability, performance, and sustainability.

For You

Bluefin is a custom image of Fedora Silverblue offering the best of both worlds: The reliability and ease of use of a Chromebook and the power of a GNOME desktop.

For Developers

Container focused workflows to get you started depending on where you're coming from, or bring your own. Wield the industry's leading tools at your fingertips.
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Bluefin Desktop

Terminal with container
An OCI base image of Fedora CoreOS with batteries included; a lightweight server image including most used services or the building blocks to host them.


Ready for running containerized workloads on either bare metal or virtual machines, with tools like wireguard, firewalld, cockpit, tailscale, ZFS support, and more.


Optional support for Nvidia hardware, including containerized CUDA workloads.
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Base Images

Universal Blue maintains a set of base images built from Fedora Atomic Desktops and then enhanced with additional hardware support and fixes. Note that these images are lightweight by design, and do not ship with many of the enhancements of our other images.

Universal Blue images are endlessly customizable and may be derived into new images through the use of a Containerfile and our GitHub build actions. We look forward to seeing what you create from them!
Create a custom image
Direct usage Instructions View all images on GitHub.

Advantages over traditional Linux desktops

  • Reliable, atomic updates with built in rollback
    • Built using OSTree-enabled OCI compliant images
    • Hosted on ghcr.io
      • Ninety (90) days of image archives allowing for flexible rollback options
      • Globally distributed via CDN for fast image downloads
      • Images signed with industry standard sigstore tools
  • Known-good State and Fewer Failures
    • Installation designed to last for the life of the hardware with minimal maintenance
    • Significantly reduced configuration drift
    • Kernel mods preinstalled on the image - including Nvidia drivers
  • Community Maintained
    • The project is maintained by a community of cloud-native contributors with an explicit mission
  • Unbridled customization
    • Craft your perfect image from scratch or derive from others
  • Clean separation of the base system from applications and your data
  • Rebase back to Fedora without reinstallation
    • Not a new distribution, an atomic layer of customization on Fedora that can be removed
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Whether you want async discussion, live support, or to learn about the project, we are here for you!

Universal Blue is made up of alumni from companies like:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canonical Chainguard Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Microsoft Red Hat
And community members like you!
We're always looking for people to join, all skill levels and areas of expertise are welcome.
Universal Blue is not affiliated or endorsed by any of the above companies.

Cloud Native

All of Universal Blue rests on the idea of cloud-native. We leverage standard cloud tools like the OCI standard images, Docker/Podman, and GitHub to build our images. This is a much lighter and faster way of building and deploying Linux environments to users that allows professionals in the industry to leverage their pre-existing knowledge to create a better desktop Linux experience for everyone.

We feel that a dedicated group of enthusiasts can automate a large amount of toil that plagues existing Linux desktops today. This is achieved by reusing cloud technologies as a delivery mechanism to deliver a more reliable experience.


It's important for users to have insight on the health of the projects they depend on. Below you'll find a detailed summary of pulls and contributions across the Universal Blue organization.


This charts image pulls of Universal Blue images.
Pulls are not indicative of users, just successful image updates.


Note: Image builds are automated, long periods of inactivity are normal.
Our thanks go out to Repobeats for their support.