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Community and Project

  • Strive to be a well-managed open-source project.
    • Decentralized governance in line with what people expect:
      • We should be able to pass most open source project health checks a typical OSPO would use when doing due diligence. We're not there yet but it's an achievable goal.
    • Project resources designed to be shared and decentralized, no BDFL-like structures.
    • Goal to join a foundation or cooperative that can ensure long-term viability of the project.
    • Ensure that we're meeting our transparency goals, long-term trust is a goal for us, so we have to have processes in place to avoid the bus factor.
    • Explicit Community Values and Code of Conduct.

Mission Statement

Provide a well defined community for people to consume cloud native operating system images.

Project Non-goals

The project strives for a minimalistic approach to serve the audience that is currently not using Linux. We target the 96%, not the 4%:
  • Focus on long-term sustainability of the installation
  • A fraction of a computer's life is day 0-3, we purposely invest in the idea that this installation should last for the life of the hardware
  • We will be brutal about making things out of scope. We're not going to do extra work for no reason, as SRE/cloud-native people we will embrace being lazy and automating the world, not writing custom installers to partition people's disks, we ain't got time for that
  • If we have to make a thing, it's because we have no choice, and if we do have to make it, we're not happy about it.
  • We want to give people what they want with a focus on sustainability and maintenance, more like "My expert linux friend set up my Fedora for me" than a fork or derivative.
  • Members of the team have multiple decades of linux distro experience, distros are hard, so we're not making a "Linux distro."

Relationship with Fedora

  • We understand that, due to the nature of the software we include, we can never be endorsed by the Fedora project.
    • This is fine, we're hot-rodders and tinkerers.
  • Be a good partner for Fedora:
    • We are doing things that Fedora cannot do; there will be Fedora maintainers who will disagree with at least some aspects of this project.
    • We want to leverage as much QA from Fedora as possible, so we shouldn't ship kernel patches or any other thing that adds extra maintenance.
      • Instead we encourage people to participate in Fedora, that's what it's there for.
      • The vibe we're looking for is a speed shop, like Hoonigan, but we want to remain sustainable, the fork button is always there in github.